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File #: 200150.    Version: Name:
Type: Discussion Item Status: Filed
File created: 7/27/2020 In control: City Manager
On agenda: 10/15/2020 Final action: 10/15/2020
Title: Continuation of Moratorium Discussion (B)
Attachments: 1. 200150_C-Simmons_Porters Narrative Including Intro_20200813_20200831, 2. 200150A_Sustainable Development Presentation on Equitable Development_PPT_20200813_20200831, 3. 200150B_City Manager Submitted Articles on Equitable Development & Inclusionary Zoning_20200813_20200831, 4. 200150C_City Manager Submitted Articles on Equitable Development & Inclusionary Zoning _20200813_20200831, 5. 200150D_City Manager Submitted Articles on Equitable Development & Inclusionary Zoning_20200813_20200831, 6. 200150E_City Manager Submitted Articles on Equitable Development & Inclusionary Zoning_20200813_20200831, 7. 200150F_ADU Ordinance 190988 draft_20200813_20200831, 8. 200150G_SRO Ordinance 191128 draft_20200813_20200831, 9. 200150HSec._30_4.27.___Heritage_overlay. UPDATE_20200831, 10. 200150I_Single Family Tree Policy Ordinance 190293 draft_20200813_20200831, 11. 200150J_WEF_Making_Affordable_Housing_A_Reality_In_Cities_report_20200813_20200831, 12. 200150K_Mayor Poe New York Fed Study on Effects of Zoning on Housing Cost_20200813_20200831, 13. 200150L_Mayor Poe Brookings Report of Land Use in 50 Metro Areas_20200813_20200831, 14. 200150M_Mayor Poe San Francisco Economic Analysis of moratorium in Mission_20200813_20200831, 15. 200150N_Mayor Poe San Francisco Castro op-ed from State Senator_20200813_20200831, 16. 200150O_Mayor Poe More on SF and housing_20200813_20200831, 17. 200150P_Mayor Poe The Affordable Housing Crisis Explained from Curbed 20200813_20200831, 18. 200150Q_Mayor Poe How impeding new construction causes upward pressure on rents The Atlanic, Brookings Fello_20200813_20200831, 19. 200150_Development Moratorium Research_20200813_20200831, 20. 20015R_Development Moratoria Full Presentation_20200813_20200831, 21. 20015S_Development Moratorium Supplemental Research_20200813_20200831, 22. 200150T_C-Hayes-Santos Policies to Reduce Housing Displacement Deconcentrate Poverty and Increase Affordable Housing in Gainesville - Updated_20200813_20200831, 23. 200150U_C-Ward AC Affordable_Housing_Workgroup_Report_to_BoCC_20200813_20200831, 24. 200150V_C-Ward AC Housing Report 2016_20200813_20200831, 25. 200150W_C-Ward Gainesville Heirs Property Initiative Draft 080520 HLW_20200813_20200831, 26. 200150X_C-Ward INVEST draft 080520 HLW_20200813_20200831, 27. 200150Y_C-Ward INVEST Presentation Draft 080520 HLW_20200813_20200831, 28. 200150Z_C-Johnson_Letters of Support for Moratorium_20200813._20200831, 29. 200150AA_C-Johnson_Map_20200813_20200831, 30. 200150_C-Johnson Localized Policy Solutions to Address Displacement and Gentrification in Gville, Fl_20200813_20200831, 31. 200150_C-Johnson_selected_neighborhoods_and_zoning_20200813_20200831, 32. 200150_C-Simmons_Neighborhoods as Community Assets Suggestions_20200813_20200831, 33. 200150_C-Simmons Neighborhood Planning Coordinator 2322_20200813_20200831, 34. 200150_C-Johnson Rapid Intermediate Major Development Parameters_20200813_20200831, 35. 200150_C-Hayes-Santos President Obama's Housing_Development_Toolkit f.2 (1)_20200831.pdf, 36. 200150_C--Hayes-Santos GARE-Equitable-Development Toolkit_20200831.pdf, 37. 200150A_Moratorium Update_20201015, 38. 200150B_Moratorium Maps_20201015, 39. 200150C_DemographicChanges_20201015, 40. 200150D_HeirandTrustInformation_20201015, 41. 200150E_HomesteadPropertyChanges_20201015, 42. 200150F_MedianHouseholdIncome_20201015, 43. 200150G_ChapelHillMoratoriumOrdinance_20201015


Continuation of Moratorium Discussion (B)



The City Commission held a special meeting on August 31, 2020 where the possibility of enacting a moratorium on development was discussed within a subsection of the City encompassing the boundaries of the Fifth Avenue, Pleasant Street, Springhill, Duckpond, Duval, Sugar Hill, Porters, North Lincoln Heights, Oakview, and Northeast Neighbors neighborhoods. The Commission directed the City Manager and City Attorney to bring back additional information at the next possible meeting to assist the Commission in deciding how to draft a potential moratorium ordinance.

Staff is seeking final guidance on 4 main questions:

1.  What are the findings of fact to support the moratorium within the proposed boundary previously discussed?

2.  Upon which development activities will the Commission impose a moratorium?

3.  What programs or policies will the City Commission enact during the effective time period of the moratorium to address the findings of fact?

4.  How long will the moratorium last?

Staff has reviewed the findings of fact and policy intent used in the Chapel Hill, NC development moratorium as a starting point for collecting data within the potential moratorium boundaries. The data points collected by staff and provided in the backup are intended to generate discussion and to assist the Commission’s deliberations.


The Commission hear a presentation by staff and take any action it deems necessary.


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